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Why Should I Choose Stuart Paul Decorating?

You have all heard the stories about the dodgy or unreliable tradesmen and maybe have been unfortunate to deal with some of them in the past.  In fact we hear about them all the time from customers when they tell us about their previous experiences with some decorators.  It is because of this that we have made it our mission to ensure that Stuart Paul Decorating takes exactly the opposite approach.

What can you expect from Stuart Paul Decorating
and what makes us different from the rest?

  • Competitive prices without compromise to quality - achieved by working harder and staying focused.  Large enough to cope and complete work in less time than a 'one man firm', BUT WITHOUT THE DREADED 20% VAT 
  • Why wait months for work to start? - we don't take on long contract jobs within the industry which become a drag and lose staff motivation.  We specialise in private residential work which means less waiting time for you.
  • Always obtainable by either telephone or email - we endeavour to answer all calls and we always return voicemail messages for those occasions when we are working in the villages with poor mobile signal.
  • Bookings for estimates at times suitable to suit you - normally that means between 5-6pm within 48 hours of your call.  However daytime and weekend appointments can be arranged.  Our reliability for appointments for estimates is second to none.  You will receive a written, detailed estimate within one week and often, very much sooner.
  • Keeping in touch - once we have agreed on a date for work to commence we will contact you shortly beforehand to confirm the arrangements.  This is better than waiting at home wondering if anyone is going to show up or not.
  • Reliably Punctual - if we say 8.30am, that means 8.30am!
  • Courteous and Respectful of you and your property - I will only use employees who have been intensively trained by myself.  I have yet to find another decorator who lives up to my expectations in practical skills and equally important reliability, honesty and courteousness.
  • Fast, Efficient and Recommendable - almost everyone comments on the speed with which we complete our work.  This is not because it is rushed or that we cut corners but because from the minute we arrive to minute we leave we are focused on the job.  Having three workmen wherever space permits ensures, for the customer, a far less drawn out experience than, for example, one workman.  Even a Hall, Stairs and Landing can be completed in 2 days - we don't sit around drinking tea and coffee!
  • Clean and tidy at the end of the day - we even vacuum the areas that we have worked in!  It has been said that, "after coming home from work, it is like having had the elves in from the fairytale story!".


Why don't you give us a call and see just how hassle free and rewarding using Stuart Paul Decorating can be.

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